1897 Schoolhouse Samplers

ragamuffin schoolgirl sampler patterns

Rather depend upon your finger ends

Than fix your expectations on your friends

When Friends are gone and money spent

Learning is then most excellent

Mary Rome, Bothel, Aged 10, 1838

1897 Schoolhouse Samplers' designer

Lianne van Leyen

LIANNE van LEYEN is a domestic interpreter and historic cook at Upper Canada Village where she specializes in historic cooking.  She prepares and serves meals and desserts using period correct recipes and methods made in an open hearth or using a step wood cook stove. She teaches children and young adults historic cooking, interprets and demonstrates Canada’s history on the eve of Confederation for visitors from around the world. 

LIANNE’s career has spanned fine arts, child protection, banking, and higher education management. She lives with her husband Grant in a one-room Ontario schoolhouse built in 1897 and owns a church built next door in the 1920s. The couple are also caretakers of three antique British vehicles. She spent years learning to paint and draw and teaching herself many different crafts, including cross stitch.

LIANNE van LEYEN is an artist and a storyteller. 

LIANNE holds incomplete, timeworn, damaged & unusual samplers as precious and deserving of love & attention. She is the caretaker of a growing collection of antique schoolgirl samplers and the designer behind 1897 Schoolhouse Samplers.  Her diverse collection of samplers, currently numbering more than 350 pieces, includes dated examples from 1726 to 1978, made in the UK, U.S.A., Europe and Canada.  

LIANNE van LEYEN shares her sampler collection and the history of needlework with local, national and international needlework and / or sampler guilds and public museums through in–person and virtual presentations, via her website 1897schoolhousesamplers.ca and through her social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.  She leads retreats and workshops, has had her work published in PieceWork magazine and contributed to podcasts.  Lianne works to increase exposure and interest in historical textiles & needlearts within and outside the stitching community.

LIANNE sought to give new purpose to her sampler collection by creating original and reproduction cross-stitch patterns starting in 2018.  Through her company, 1897 Schoolhouse Samplers, she shares the stories of overlooked antiques and makes her cross stitch patterns available to modern stitchers for retail purchase from local and virtual needlework shops located around the world and to wholesale customers via Hoffman Distributing Company. 


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A creative collaboration based upon a ragamuffin sampler held in the collection of           1897 School Samplers

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1897 Schoolhouse Samplers

ragamuffin schoolgirl sampler patterns

My Steadfast Consort

Mary White ~ 1851
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An Orchard Invisible

Fanny Crompton ~ 1833
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With the Coming of Spring

Jane Cheesbrough
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I Must Have Flowers

Helen Willifer ~ June 19, 1848
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A Maid of All Work

Fanny Servant ~ Aged 8, 1840
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The Universal Prayer

Frances Bradley ~ Aged 13, 1821
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She Hath Wings

Elizabeth Mounsey ~ Aged 9 Years
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Over the Works of Thy Hands

Ellen Smith ~ March 1836
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My Precious Jewel

Ann Alice Townshends Work ~ Aged 9 Years, May 5, 1841
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A Loving Tribute to Family

Elizabeth Browns Work ~ 1792
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Bluebird of Happiness

Elizabeth Smiths Work ~ 1821
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Sweet Friendship

Mary Ann Drake ~ Aged 6 Years, 1856
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In the Butterfly's Garden

Giacomi .a Cigada ~ 1845

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The City of Lights

Hermance Jamet

17 7bre, 1887 ~ Paris

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The Ties that Bind

Sarah Pierce ~ Her Work

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Love One Another

Lizzie Janes, Hendon School ~ 1887

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Let No Net Ensnare Me

Sarah Newton ~ Finished February 26, 1849

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Idle Hands

Catharine W Fowler ~ born Jan 14th 1801

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Art is Long, and Time is Fleeting

Elizabeth Cole, Aged 10 years ~ 1869

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Safe in My Care

Jane Fisher, Aged 13 years, Brighouse ~ 1876

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Go Tell It to the Bees

Sarah Smith, aged 14 years ~ 1842

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Prudence, Love and Toil

Sarah Allden, Aged 10 ~ 1796

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Fall 2022

Stitching Connections to the Past ~ An Article: Phebe A. Nelson, 1854
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July 19, 2022



Spring 2021

Schoolhouse Samplers ~ An Article: In Search of Stories
A Schoolhouse Sampler ~ A Project: Like Morning Dew on a Rose
January 11, 2021

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November 7, 2023
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Suzanne Redmond

January 6, 2021
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Susan Weeks

February 26, 2020
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Fiber Talk with Lianne van Leyen

Gary L. Parr & Vonna Pfeiffer

January 12, 2020
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snapshots from my life and of my work
What's New on


snapshots from my life and of my work


1897 Schoolhouse Samplers

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