1897 Schoolhouse Samplers

ragamuffin schoolgirl sampler patterns

I love sharing my collection and creating bespoke patterns using my collection of samplers for groups, guilds and shops!

As a Domestic Interpreter and Historic Cook at Upper Canada Village, I spend my summers interpreting and bringing history to life through presentations and demonstrations for thousands of visitors that come from around the corner, across continents or oceans to learn about life in 1866 in Upper Canada along the north front of the St. Lawrence River.

With more than 300 samplers, collected from North America, Great Britain and Europe, which cover a wide range of styles, genres, subject matter, materials, colour palettes and dated years of production from 1726 to 1939, I can offer a selection of samplers to choose from for the development of sampler pattern(s) to suit the needs and wants of your stitching community.

You can find a list of my published past, current and upcoming bespoke samplers, events, presentations and retreats here on my website.   

If you are interested in working with me, please inquire if you have a particular date in mind.

I would love to work with you virtually or in person!