1897 Schoolhouse Samplers

ragamuffin schoolgirl sampler patterns

Rather depend upon your finger ends

Than fix your expectations on your friends

When Friends are gone and money spent

Learning is then most excellent

Mary Rome, Bothel, Aged 10, 1838

1897 Schoolhouse Samplers' designer

Lianne van Leyen


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1897 Schoolhouse Samplers

ragamuffin schoolgirl sampler patterns


Elfreda Lewis ~        1833
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My Steadfast Consort

Mary White ~            1851
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An Orchard Invisible

Fanny Crompton ~ 1833
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With the Coming of Spring

Jane Cheesbrough
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I Must Have Flowers

Helen Willifer ~        June 19, 1848
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A Maid of All Work

Fanny Servant ~    Aged 8, 1840
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The Universal Prayer

Frances Bradley ~ Aged 13, 1821
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She Hath Wings

Elizabeth Mounsey ~      Aged 9 Years 
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snapshots from my life and of my work
What's New on


snapshots from my life and of my work


1897 Schoolhouse Samplers

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